Tiffen Steadicam Ultra Ii With Armor Man Gimbal

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    The Armor Man 2.0 was designed to offer comfort and support while operating your gimbal by transferring the weight of the gimbal to your body’s core instead of your arms. This allows you to operate comfortably for a much longer period of time while not sacrificing gimbal operation flexibility or performance.

    Two mechanical arms with shock-absorbing stabilized systems attach to the back of the adjustable vest. When engaged, the arms have two adjustable tension knobs on each arm to allow you to adjust for the weight of your gimbal/camera rig as well as your preferred operating style (whether you want the arms bowed out away from your body or tight and compact to your body).

    The arms attach to top bar-based gimbal systems through the Support Cups, which you attach by just sliding the cups onto the bottom of the side handles. If you have a ring-based gimbal, the Universal Gimbal Ring Adapters allow for an easy quick release solution to attach and detach the Armor Man’s arms onto a gimbal’s ring system.

    When you’re done operating, simply disengage the arms by pulling the release cords for each arm and then comfortably rest them on the sides of the vest. This allows you to keep the vest on in between shots and then when you’re ready to operate again, simply re-engage the arms.


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