Angenieux Optimo Dp T2.8 16mm To 42mm & 30mm To 80mm

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    The Angénieux Optimo DP 16-42 offers a great range on the wider end, well suited for shooting in tighter locations. Its compact size and light weight makes it particularly suited for handheld work. The DP series was specifically designed for digital cameras, such as the Arri Alexa or the RED Epic.

    Please note that this lens, as well as the Optimo DP 30-80, does not work with film or digital cameras that have a reflex mirror, major damage could result from improper use.


    Perfect homogeneity of colorimetry, contrast and resolution.
    Compact and very light (< 1.9 Kg).
    Intended for economical digital cameras; not compatible with reflex cameras.
    Constant diaphragm over the totality of the course of the zoom (no ramping), no breathing, very bright for a 2.7x ratio.
    Precise, ergonomic focus ring, in feet or meters on request.
    Image Coverage S35+ format (31.4 mm diagonal).
    Compatible with the Optimo 0.75x Wide Angle Adapter.
    The precise display of zoom settings and the high-precision mechanism, both as regards fluidity and ergonomics, optimise operators’ reaction time so that they can stay as close as possible to the action.


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