Black Magic Outdoor Monitor 17

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    Fitting in a 6RU design that’s only an inch thick, the Blackmagic Design 17″ SmartView HD Studio Monitor can be easily integrated into a studio or post-production setup. Through the rear inputs, SD, HD, and 3G-SDI signals can be displayed, with 1080p signals shown at a pixel-to-pixel ratio for critical sharpness evaluation. Resolution is auto-detected, so there is no need for regular menu-diving to correct the picture. Adjustments can be conveniently made by including the SmartView HD into your network for full software control.

    Quick Features

    • Large 17″ 1920 x 1080 resolution LCD display in a 6 RU size chassis, less than 1″ thick
    • Glossy screen and matte finish chassis
    • SD, HD and 3 Gb/s SDI video format monitoring in full HD resolution
    • Reclocked looped output for centrally adjusting numerous monitors in a large video-wall setup
    • Red, green and blue tally indications prove useful in live broadcasting
    • Fully digital adjustments
    • Built-in Ethernet for making remote adjustments from your Mac or Windows computer to all connected monitors or video wall etc
    • Identify mode to help find the monitor being adjusted – highlighted by a white border
    • Free firmware updates for new SDI formats via the Blackmagic Design website
    • Supports video standards like 1080 progressive HD rates and 2K SDI over 3 Gb/s SDI video, making it suitable for post production and camera monitoring for switchers

    Increase Functionality Through Software

    The included software for the Mac OS X and Windows helps to connect several SmartView HD studio monitors to the Ethernet so that settings can be made remotely through a single location to all the monitors. Thus color matching the numerous monitors in a large video-wall becomes hassle-free with the SmartView HD Studio Monitors.

    Built-In Tally

    The tally borders on the screen make it suitable for live broadcasting. Red, green and blue tally lights help to communicate additional information to the users, something more than a simple on-air status.

    Firmware Updates

    Firmware for the SmartView HD studio monitor can be updated via the Blackmagic Design website for free. This provides future-proofing for compatibility with newer standards. The monitor currently supports video standards that are used in production and post production, like 1080p HD and 2K over 3G-SDI.


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