Camera Slider 8ft

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    Now achieve smooth camera movement and the capability to set up numerous, creative configurations in minutes with the most versatile and durable tool in the industry! A heavy-duty, high-tech and extremely practical Flymate Slider Dolly by Proaim that allows super smooth controlled motion at any speed, with unique safety features. It is a Pro Video, Cinema & Broadcast Camera Movement Solution.

    Made from CNC machined, industrial-grade aluminum; it is stronger, lighter and quicker to set up. Suitable for any camera from DSLR to fully loaded ARRI Alexa and any camera in between, including popular Black Magic, Canon, Panasonic, RED and Sony cameras. Its intuitive design means no cumbersome or special tools are required for setup or breakdown. Switching between standard tracking mode, under-slung camera and Hi-Hat mode takes no time at all. The slider dolly is compact, modular & multi-purpose. With ultra-high load capacity, the slider dolly handles the heaviest camera packages with ease and confidence


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