Dedolight Sps5e 5 Light Portable Lighting Kit

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    Dedolight has gone all out to bring you a comprehensive selection of lights and accessories in the SPS5E Five-Light Portable Lighting Kit (230V).

    In all, five lights are included: three 150W DLHM4-300E focusing spotlights with a 20:1 spot-to-flood ratio and on-board dimming power supplies, and two 150W Softlight Heads which are perfect for the included softboxes. Although using long-life 150W bulbs, the advanced reflectors and aspheric lens design consistently allows the Dedos to perform like competitor’s lights that are almost 3x the wattage.

    Everything in the kit is aimed at the photographer or cinematographer who demands an articulate, precise system with which to express himself or herself. Barndoors, a scrim set, and four filter sets and holders are included with the DLHM4’s. The DP1 Projection Attachment with 85mm f2.8 lens capable of optical spot projection is also included, as is a gobo set and holder to be used with the attachment. The kit includes 7.0′ light stands for each light, and it all fits in the sturdy, lightweight, soft-sided system case.


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